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How long will it take for my phone to arrive?

What if my item does not arrive?

What if I need to change address after I have placed an order?

How will the item be packed?

Will the parcel require a signature?

What should I do if my item is damaged when I receive it?

What should I do if I receive a faulty item?

What should I do if I change my mind about an item I’ve ordered?

How long will it take to process my return?

What is your warranty period?

What is covered under warranty?

Are your phones brand new?

How do I know the phone isn’t stolen, reported missing, or counterfeit?

What condition will my phone be in?

Will the phone work on my SIM Card?

Does it matter if I have a contract or pay as you go SIM?

Can I use my phone in my country?

What will I receive with my phone?

Why should I buy from you?

Why should I buy a refurbished phone?

How does buying a phone from us help the environment?

Where do you get your phones from?

Where is your company based?

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